WOW Festival Brisbane Day 3, 21 June 2015
WOW Festival, Day 2
WOW Festival, Day 2
Under 10’s Feminism CornerWOW Festival Brisbane Day 3, 21 June 2015
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Vulcana Women’s Circus will entertain with performances and workshops each day during WOW Brisbane on the lawn outside Old Government House.

Vulcana works with the circus traditions of inclusiveness, strength, excitement, and daring to transform and empower individuals and communities. They value women as leaders and role models, and believe that empowered women are essential in building and shaping strong communities. They strongly believe that challenge by choice, in the spirit of play, builds confidence and capacity.

Join in the circus fun between 12.00pm and 3.00pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at WOW Brisbane. Check out the full program and get your tickets now!

Learn how to dress confidently for your shape at Sacha Drake’s “Stylin’ Up” workshop on Saturday at WOW Brisbane.

Let’s face it, we all want to feel confident about how we dress and most of us have moments when we’re not so sure. The SACHA DRAKE label stemmed from Sacha’s desire to find the perfect dress to flatter her shape. As a statuesque size 14, she was never able to quite find what she was looking for and felt that in the market something was missing. Join our Stylin’ Up session, run by fabulous Australian fashion designer Sacha Drake to get the basics on how to make a look that works for you – whatever your size, shape, occasion.

Encouraged by her mother at age 14, Sacha started sewing lessons with a 70-year- old tailoress where she was taught made-to-measure pattern-making and sewing.
She continued her education by studying fashion in Brisbane, costume design in London and film making in Rome. In 2002, after working in many industries and countries, Sacha Drake returned to Brisbane and her design origins, starting her own fashion label.Sacha’s commitment to designing clothes that are uniquely feminine, yet striking and flatter all women’s bodies are the core values behind what she creates. Sacha believes in realistic sizing and pricing that is reflective of most women.

“I use my talent to make women happy. I like to design clothes that boost women’s confidence. This is my contribution to the world!”

Sacha Drake is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, and has a boutique at 3/208 Given Terrace, Paddington

Saturday 20 June 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Click here to view the full WOW Brisbane program. 

Women in Voice started its journey with an intimate concert in an alternative café in West End in 1993.

Now, twenty-two years later, it is arguably the longest constantly running local production in Brisbane’s history and a much-loved feature of our music and theatre landscape. Along the way it has unearthed and supported some of the country’s most successful performing artists and performed in some of the country’s finest theatres.

We believe its success lies in its focus on the support of each artist’s unique work. We do not just create an opportunity for an artist to share their voice, we encourage them to find their unique voice. Our power lies in embracing unity through diversity.

WIV ignores preconceived structures and conventions for women performing artists and creates its own. It has been our joy to say: Yes, Christine Johnston, dressing in an icecream cone and singing a black Sabbath song is a great idea. Yes, Kate Miller Heidke, singing your original song about how everyone keeps telling you, you should go on bloody Australian Idol is fantastic. Yes, Alison St Ledger, you’d make a great Elvis impersonator. Yes, Chrissy Amphlett, singing new songs that are worlds away from your famous rock hits is a great idea. Yes, Katie Noonan, singing duets with your mum would be awesome. Yes, Carita Farrer Spencer using puppet pets to sniff your crotch as you sing cabaret would really work! Yes, Pearly Black, everyone will love Bulgarian folk songs once they’ve heard them sung by you. Yes, Liz Buchanan you’d make a great Queen Elizabeth I … this list could go on for hours.

We are thrilled to be included in the global force of the WOW festival. WIV is strongly aligned with WOW’s objectives of action and change. The creation and persistence of WIV itself is such an action. We are honored to stand alongside all the WOW festival participants.

Annie Peterson
Women in Voice

Women in Voice will be performing as part of WOW Brisbane on Sunday night June 21 at the Concert Hall, QPAC.  Secure your tickets here.


What IS it about pink? How did we get so brainwashed about this topic that we won’t give pink gifts to new baby boys, and couples demand to know the sex of their babies, just so they can get the colour scheme right in the nursery?

In her book, The Fictional Woman, best-selling author and former model Tara Moss reveals some astonishing facts about the toy industry. The children’s toy industry in the USA is worth $83 billion annually, and as any parent or kindly aunt or uncle knows, toys are strictly classified and coloured by age and gender.
What you might not know, says Moss, is that the toys coloured pink and aimed at girls have fewer functions and less power than those for boys: a grey electronic toy (a laptop for boys) recently advertised, had fifty functions: the girls’ version, in bright pink, had twenty five. Just in case you were wondering – they were the same price. The cool geek toys – microscopes and telescopes – followed the same pattern – offering lower magnification for the pink toys aimed at girls.

So the colour is one thing, but can anyone, anyone at all, justify the idea that girls are going to need less power and functionality in their tools? What is that about? Girls just “won’t know the difference”? They deserve to be ripped off, just as they are with the pricing of clothes? Or is it really just about teaching them their first serious lesson about who actually gets the power, and where they rank relative to their brothers? Great questions for a WOW debate………

The Ghost of Emma Miller

We could have done WOW in any big Australian city, but we chose Brisbane. Why?

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