Get Involved – Help Shape the Queensland Government’s Gender Analysis Toolkit

The Office for Women and Domestic Violence Reform is undertaking an online survey to seek feedback around areas for improving the Gender Analysis Toolkit.

The Queensland Government is committed to achieving gender equality and have developed a Queensland Women’s Strategy 2016-21.  The strategy and Community Implementation Plan includes an initiative to create user-friendly online resources and a toolkit that all government and non-government organisations can access to support better gender analysis.

Gender analysis is an essential tool for gender considered policies, programs and services. Applying a ‘gender lens’ can help identify the different conditions that women and men face and the different effects that policies and programs may have on them because of their situations.

The updated Gender Analysis Toolkit is intended for wider use by the whole-of-Queensland community — government, businesses, community organisations and individuals to undertake gender analysis in the development of policy, programs and service delivery.

We encourage you to complete the survey and tell the Queensland Government how the Toolkit can be updated and improved.

You can access the survey by visiting this LINK.

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